B2E Associação para a Bioeconomia Azul - Laboratório Colaborativo

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Acrónimo: CoLAB B2E

Nombre del coordinador: Elisabete Matos

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Dirección: UPTEC Mar Sala B5, Av da Liberdade s/n, 4450-718 Leça da Palmeira

Teléfono: 351220731344

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Web: https://b2e.pt/

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Inspired by the Ocean • Driven by the Market • Powered by Knowledge

The main objective of the B2E CoLAB is to promote the creation of highly-skilled jobs that can actively contribute to enhance the economic and social value of new and existing bio-based products and services inspired by the ocean, supporting the Blue Growth sectors with the highest potential: natural resources, marine biotechnology and sustainable aquaculture.

By promoting the employment of highly skilled personal staff to develop knowledge-based solutions to positively respond to present and future needs of societal stakeholders, it will be possible to shape a new blue bio-economy bootstrapped by 4.0 automation and data exchange technologies. At present, the main sources of marine biomass are still mostly harvested from the wild, with only a limited part originating from aquaculture.

The goal to secure a sustainable supply of marine biomass presents challenges, particularly if the only source targeted is that of wild stocks, which are already in the verge of overexploitation. A strategic management of wild marine species harvest, coupled with plans to deliver a more sustainable production operated under controlled conditions, is paramount for marine ecosystem health and services to be maintained.

Consistency, security and quality of marine biomass supply for food or any other high-end use have to be balanced in ways that address environmental challenges and demands for sustainability. The fostering of biorefinery frameworks to secure the full valorisation of marine biological resources, strongly aligned with circular economy principles, must be based on well-defined research and innovation agendas with tangible goals.

Áreas de especialización: Clusters, redes, plataformas colaborativas, Competitividad y Sostenibilidad, Desarrollo de negocio, Formación y educación marítima, Incubación de Empresas, Mercado y relaciones internacionales, Monitorización estratégica de la economía azul (Blue economy), Promoción de la cultura marítima, Propiedad intelectual, Transferencia de conocimiento y tecnología, Biodiversidad, Alimentación y nutrición en acuicultura, Bienestar animal, Biotecnología aplicada a la acuicultura, Economía, Legislación y Gestión de los recursos marinos, Investigación de los recursos basada en el conocimiento de los ecosistemas, Tecnología aplicada a la gestión de los recursos, Mercados, redes comerciales y valorización de productos del mar, Nuevos productos de origen marino, Obtención, gestión y valorización de subproductos marinos, Trazabilidad, calidad y seguridad de los alimentos marinos

Palabras clave: bioeconomy; biotecnology; aquaculture; marine resources; sustainability

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OmegaPeixe – Fortificação do peixe de aquacultura em ácidos gordos Omega-3 de cadeia longa

Acrónimo: OmegaPeixe

Programa de financiación: Portugal 2020

Entidad financiadora: COMPETE FEDER

Año de inicio: 2021

Año de finalización: 2024

Investigador principal: Renata Serradeiro

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Contracted Research

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Using our team and our network of associates we can provide R&D services, such as:
1. State-of-the-art studies and analyses
2. Diagnostics and problem solving, and technical consultancy
3. Development and optimization of products and processes
4. Demonstration and validation of innovative solutions
5. Development of new product / service ideas
6. Technical project management

Tipo de servicio: Dinámicas de Cluster/Redes

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Commercial representation

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Contacts and agreements between potential partners in the value chain
Knowledge valorisation, IP / IPR
Fairs & Events

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Raising private investment
Mapping funding opportunities
Preparation and / or review of applications

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Market services

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Market trends & industry attractiveness
Support for internationalization
Market entry
Business strategy

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Technical Workshops
Literacy actions

Tipo de servicio: Formación/Educación

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Communication and Dissemination

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Communication with media
Content development
Event organization and Stakeholder networking
Advertising space at The Ocean Post (our newsletter)

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